Natural Living

natural living

What does natural living mean? This is a broad concept that is hard to define. In Na’trition, natural living is the process of discovering the nature and coordinate our life style with for a healthier body and happier life.

Natural living is not simply changing habits but also our attitude. The mindset behind “change habits” is that “we need to make physical changes for our happiness and health.” But change attitude is actually more important than just change habits. Sometimes, forcefully change our habits may even push us away from natural life style; once we find out the new habit does not bring us immediate happiness, we will easily slip back to our old “comfort zone”. In that case, change attitudes will be more helpful.

Change attitudes requires the people to be more aware of their old attitudes first. It requires the person to meditate on old habits and watch deeply into the attitude behind them. “What really am I thinking when I am doing it?” Once we realize the attitudes and intentions of our behaviors, we will know how to change for the better. The changing process could be slow like little ants moving a huge piece of food. But once it starts, the process will never turn back.

If you start wondering why your life is a constant struggle, maybe your path deviates from the natural way long time ago; maybe it is time for you to give yourselves a break and some private time to meditate. We first need to realize the “unhealthy attitudes” in meditation. Meditation does not necessarily have to be a 30-minutes sitting practice. The purpose of meditation is to relax yourself and see the natural path. Meditation could be happening during hiking, swimming and any relaxing activities! Once we see the natural path, the fun of exploring nature, the change will happen naturally.

This is the reason why we create Na’trition, we are here to rediscover what is the natural way to regain our health and happiness!


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